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Dairy Farming

Dairy farming has been part of agriculture for thousands of years. Historically, dairy has been one aspect of the activity of small, diverse farms. From being a traditional family run business, dairy farming today has grown hugely to an organized dairy industry with technological specializations in every part of the process. In the last century or so larger farms specializing in dairy alone has emerged. Large scale dairy farming is only viable where either a large amount of milk is required for production of more durable dairy products such as cheese, butter, etc. or there is a substantial market of people with cash to buy milk, but no cows of their own. This huge boost in the industry has created a lot of farming jobs for the people. There is tremendous potential for milk production activities and make dairying a profitable and, sustainable venture.

Where Domestic Diary Stands ?

Dairying is also a major source of livelihood for approximately 80 percent of small and marginal farmers in India (typically owning one to three milk producing animals) who contribute approximately 70 percent to the total milk production. India has the world’s largest livestock population 58 per cent of buffaloes and 15 per cent of cattle. Owing to this huge bovine stock, though India has managed to attain 1st position in milk production, the full potential of Indian milch herd remains unattained. The milk productivity of India’s livestock is less than half (48%) of the global average: 987 kg per lactation compared to the global average of 2,038 kg per lactation. There is need to raise the milk yield in order to enhance the per capita availability of milk and to meet the increasing demand.

What We Do ?

The economic impact of animal health issues is well known, but its crippling effect on the dairy farmers’ income and prosperity is very often under-estimated.

Happy farmer Labs is a technology-powered organization specialized in to Veterinary & dairy extension services, we strives to achieve “Happy Farmer” all around. For making dairy a profitable and, sustainable venture, we equip dairy farmers to take care of their animals through better management, nutrition, feed, fodder and preventive healthcare.

Happy farmer Labs provide Integrated Proactive livestock Management at very affordable price. We achieve our objective through monthly proactive visit and close monitoring of each cattle using hi-end Technology. Through us our marginal farmer will have access to countries specialized Veterinarian.

Our Package Includes (at no additional cost)

  • Basic Blood Profile to test organ functionality.
  • Vaccination, Deworming as per schedule.
  • Artificial Insemination by experts.
  • Follow-up on post AI till Delivery.
  • Assisted Delivery and post-delivery Management by Experts.
  • Calf Management.
  • Advice & Training on Nutrition Management.
  • Updating on government schemas related to livestock.
  • Digital record keeping of each cattle.

On Demand Services (Additional Charges)

  • Medicine home Delivery at discounted price.
  • Silage, Hydroponic production cost.
  • Fodder seeds at procurement cost.
  • Assistance on procurement of cattle.


To become leaders in the Indian Dairy Industry, while retaining our Indian traditions and family values.


“We strive to see that each of our Cattle Registered with us has Strong & Healthy Calf a year & are ready to rebreed in 45-60 days”.

Happy Farmers

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